Friday, November 12, 2010

Remembrance Day and other musings

I was debating whether I would write tonight.  I think I will.  Some of this is stuff I wrote around 11:10 am, so here we go:

So it's 11:10 am.  I just saw the Remembrance Day ceremony in the concourse of my school.  At my university the Remembrance Day ceremony is optional, which is good if you want the disrespectful people not to disrupt things, but a lot of people have class and can't observe the ceremony unless class is interrupted.  The profs don't usually stop class for the MINUTE of silence, which is pretty dumb.  It looked like they closed the Starbucks down for the assembly, so people wouldn't be talking while it was happening.  Those guys probably appreciated the break.  At the end the guest veteran said "You should appreciate what you have and be thankful that you have what you have."  It's the message we hear every year, but it stuck with me today.  It seems impossible, but I could be wearing a swastika armband in a war-torn Canada, forced to report any Jews to the police, eventually dying a violent death because I have brown hair.  I don't understand a lot of what happened.  For me, Remembrance Day is remembering the soldiers and Jewish people and others that died by the millions, hoping that World War II will never happen again, wearing a poppy (which usually scares me because of the pin - I'm a wimp), going to a ceremony or assembly, hearing the last post and standing for a full minute of silence at 11 am.
Where did the last post even come from?  When did they play it before this?  Was it written especially for Remembrance Day?  Is it a war call?  A song of peace?  A death lament?
One thing I definitely like about Remembrance Day is that it's still a fairly recent "Day" and it's not about celebrating or consuming.  So none of those greedy companies can make too much money off of it.  Knowing them, they've probably conducted some way to make money off of it, just not as much as Christmas or Hallowe'en.  But what could they gain?  They can't even sell poppies.  The money goes to veterans.  And it's one of the few special days of the year that is observed by everyone in our country that is not a celebration.  It is a day of remembrance, regret, a vow to improve society...  People don't make a fuss.  They just wear poppies and hopefully take a minute out of their day to stand in silence and reflect...

Oh yes, don't get the Gingerbread Loaf at Starbucks.  Overpriced (as always) and not only did they put nuts in it and other random crap, they also put chopped up orange peels on top of the delicious cream cheese icing, ruining the entire thing.  Just horrible.  Who came up with such a terrible instrument of torture??  My palate is still recovering.  No, that's just the tea that burnt my tongue this morning.  It still sucked.  Orange peels go in the garbage, not in your mouth.  And that sounded dirty.

The hot guys never notice me.  They walk right past, because they are paying attention to someone better.  Pigs.

I love watching Ouran High School Host Club.  Tamaki is dead sexy... in a miniskirt!  Couldn't resist...  I especially love the fact that he is voiced by Vic Mignogna.  Did I spell it right?  That's why I only watch the dub.  I wish I could live in the fantasy world that is Ouran High School Host Club.  It sounds better than my life.  I could be wrong.

What would it be like to find out someone loves you, has a crush on you?  I've never experienced it for sure.  Maybe it would be lovely.

I always hear people talking about how it's unfair that Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Justin Bieber are so popular when there are more talented people that should be popular instead of them.  Oscar Wilde once wrote "everything popular is wrong."  He nearly has a point.  But what if Lady Gaga suddenly CHANGED.  She started writing songs kind of like Imogen Heap, so not a huge change, but more depth to the music and lyrics.  And she wore more clothing when performing and making music videos.  You know, a bra and a shirt, instead of just a little tape on your breasts... I've actually noticed that most decent music has been coming from artists that are fairly clothed most of the time.  Mozart wore clothes and he coincidentally wrote musical masterpieces and became extremely popular.  You see, unlike Imogen Heap and others that have talent, but not a lot of popularity, she has the popularity.  She just doesn't have a lot of talent.  So she could potentially further increase her fan base, by actually making good music and wearing clothing.
So what would happen to her popularity?  Would it go up or down?  Who could say?  I'd listen to her.  I don't know.  If anyone is reading this, what do you think?  Was this a stupid theory?  I guess if they listened to her because of the bad songs and the stripping, why would they listen to something that isn't that?  I don't know.

I wonder what the word limit is.  Is it bottomless?  That would be cool.  I'd sit here and write until I die.  I'd have enough pages to build a house out of books made of my writings.  That would be fun.  Do people usually anonymously comment on these things?  Or are you supposed to promote your blog and get people you know to subscribe?  I'm new at this.  I don't know if anyone will read it.  I guess I'll just have to be patient.  Or....................


Ha.  Just kidding.  I'm tired.  Goodnight, whoever you people are!

Thursday, November 11, 2010


I think the time is wrong on this blog.  It's 1:24 am for me but it says 10:24 pm or something on here.  I don't know what's going on and I don't know who to change it.  Just letting you know I am 3 hours behind the times, which is fairly depressing.  I'm so tired.  I can't wait to sleep.  I should be doing my french homework, but I will first post this poem I wrote.  It's repetitive at times because maybe I will turn it into a song.

Today is my last day
I having energy drinks
I am giving them hope
No one will see this
Who would know where I stole this snippet from?
Very vague
But I don't care
I have to write this poem
I don't know if it's a song yet

I stared blankly at the screen
for a couple minutes
What the hell does he mean?
Is it the last day... forever?
But maybe it's the last day
and then he has a big vacation
recovers from that back injury

Today is my last day
I am having energy drinks
I am giving them hope
Drugged up like the guy
who went to Vegas
How could you understand me?

But that woman said she missed working with him
Does that mean he's gone?
Does that mean he's leaving?
Leaving me?
How could he?
My heart is crumbling
I wish this was a bad dream

I used to long for Today
Today is the last day
I am having energy drinks
I am giving them hope
I'm sure it has nothing
nothing, nothing to do with me

Feeling hollow inside
I have to stop caring
about that nerd
with hidden depths
hidden depths
he's a puzzle
I'll never finish
never finish

Today is my last day
I am having energy drinks
I am giving them hope
When there is none
And I'll miss you (you don't miss me)
I'll miss you (you can't miss me)
I'll miss you (you never kissed me)
I missed you (you never missed me)
I guess I missed you
You never missed me
You never missed me
Have a good one

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Oh, wait

Oh wait.  I also play piano and flute.  Someday I want to learn guitar.  That is all.

Hello, pleased to meet you!

So this is my very first blog post.  Pretty exciting. I wasn't sure what to write about on this first blog and I think this first post will be short.  I've seen other blogs about cooking, sewing, creating art, singing, being a waiter, doing people's makeup, so many things.  The one theme I'm seeing is that it has to be something creative and interesting.  And although I'm an undergraduate singer studying voice at university, I don't really want it to just be about that.  I'm also really into writing poetry and prose, reading, exploring music, travel (although I'm not rich enough to do that regularly), vegetarianism, cooking, drawing, languages, swimming and many other things.  I want to start writing songs soon, because it sounds like fun.

I work at Wal-Mart during the summer (although I plan on finding something better next summer), and I might come back for the dreaded Christmas season, so I will probably have quite a few horror stories to tell.  It's really not that bad, but sometimes really screwed up shit happens.

I'm a soprano.  Some have said that I'm a coloratura.  I myself am not sure.  I sing opera, art songs, oratorio, etc but I also love to sing other genres like big band (I am actually in a big band), jazz, rock, folk, alternative rock/indie, etc.  I'm open to pretty much all styles of music and I love new music, sometimes even when it's dissonant or really unusual.  I love music, basically.  The one genre that I only slightly like is hip-hop/rap.  I find that a lot of those songs take songs that have already been written, make that the loop and then do a rap over it that doesn't do the song justice.  They really like to do this with classical music for some reason.  I guess the contrast.  Anyway, I do like some rap/hip-hop but mostly I'd rather listen to the Edge (if you've heard of that radio station).  I'm pretty sure I want to be a singer and/or a music teacher when I get older.  At least something sort of having to do with music.  But I'm not completely sure.  So I have officially decided that this blog will be about self-discovery.  Thus the title which quotes the "Logical Song" by Supertramp.

I'm also a left-wing agnostic and I live in Canada, just to give you a little vague personal information.  I have two brothers and a dad, but sadly my mom died of cancer over the summer.  It's been really hard to get used to, but I think it has helped me grow up a lot.  I still really miss her every day.

I love writing.  I deal with my feelings that way pretty much on a daily basis.  I recently finished "The Artist's Way", a course in creativity by Julia Cameron and I still do morning pages and occasional artist dates.  Morning pages have really helped me express my feelings in writing.  I'm not sure if they've helped my creativity.  But because of them I can write a lot.  I can just write and write and write.  Thanks, Julia Cameron!  So I hope you have good eyes, should I choose to go on a blogging/writing binge.

All the blogs I've seen look really interesting.  It's a nice way to let out what you have to say and to have your own space to write, create, have fun, interact.  Better than your own website?  I don't know.

It would be nice for my friends to read this blog but I'm worried that I might want to write about people that I really hate or love, or things that I don't want people I know to know about.  It's hard to explain, but I like my privacy.  So I have decided to be anonymous.

Also, I recently quitted facebook.  I had an essay due and I don't think I would have finished it if I didn't quit.  It's also not very useful.  It's just a sophisticated stalking tool.  I felt like I was getting way too obsessed with other people and their lives.  I'd constantly check my news and the walls of guys I like, check out friends of friends.  Really weird.  And also there's that odd feeling when you talk to your friend and you ask "How was your weekend?" and they say "Oh great.  I went surfing and sang karaoke in a bar with my friends" or whatever, but you already know, because their status says "Great weekend.  Went surfing and sang karaoke at a bar until 4 am with my buddies."  But you ask anyway, because, well, you don't want them to know that you know.  Very strange.  I don't need to know all this information about people.  If I need to contact people I'll email them.  But I still want something fun to do online other than email and youtube.  And this is actually kind of productive at the same time.  In conclusion, facebook is the devil and blogging sounds like a good alternative.

That said, I welcome you to my blog I hope it entertains you, and me.