Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Princess Bride Remake!

Hello people!

I'm sorry about not posting these last few months.  I can't say I've been that busy.  I did have exams and my jury and applying for jobs, but really most of the time I've been sleeping, eating and watching TV.  I guess I'm just getting bored of blogging for a non-existent audience.  No one comments!  But I have been writing quite a bit for because the people on there seem to be reading and giving me feedback.  Also, it's fun to take a work of fiction and make it your own.

Mostly what's happening with me right now is that I am still looking for a summer job.  I do have the art gallery but that is only every Saturday morning.  Luckily, today was a great day because not only am I eligible for a big tax refund, but I have an interview for Loblaws in a couple days!  I really hope I get the job, even if it means I have be a cashier.

I'm sure it's not as bad as people say it is...

My main topic for this evening is the Princess Bride.

I just revisited one of my preteen movie obsessions for fun and as I was watching it I thought of remake cast members one by one.  Almost every character reminded me of a modern actor in some way.  If you've seen this movie, you probably remember it as an awesome, low-budget, underrated 80s fairytale adventure movie with a great cast.

Since it was made in 1987 they could do a 25th anniversary remake (2012) or a 30th anniversary remake (2017).

I know some people may disagree with me about this, but this movie could be made funnier than it was (although it was absolutely hilarious).  I most definitely think the music could have been improved.  No full out musical song-and-dance numbers, but definitely something a little less boring, like John Williams or Danny Elfman.

Be forewarned - this is not a practical cast, it is my dream cast!

Westley = Dustin Ingram (if he can do an excellent British accent)
Buttercup = Keira Knightley
Humperdinck = Jerry Seinfeld
Inigo Montoya = Antonio Banderas
Fezzik = Arnold Schwarzenegger in a fat suit
Vizzini = Rick Mercer (if you haven't heard of him, you should seriously look up "Rick Mercer Report")
Count Rugen = Alan Rickman
Miracle Max = Christopher Walken
Valerie = Julia Louis Dreyfus
Albino = Ken Jeong
Sickly child (Grandson) = Noah Cyrus?
Grandfather =John Mahoney
Impressive clergyman = Rowan Atkinson or Patrick Kerr
The Queen = Helen Mirren
The Decrepit King = Christopher Plummer
The Ancient Booer = Susan Boyle

Comment if you like my choices, or if you disagree with them!  Be honest!  I love constructive criticism!