Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Back to School Depression

Today was my first day back and it depressed me and made me tired.  What a wonderful start to the new year...  University is simply a different world from home.  I have so much less time and everyone around me seems so much, well, more impressive.  You'd think I was in first year, double-taking at each person that walks by.  I feel so impressive back in my hometown, but when I go back to university, I'm left wondering what it is that I have to offer?

One course that I'm in is really intimidating.  Acting for Singers.  A friend of mine said it was mostly yoga, but we have readings, discussion of readings, we have to prepare a monologue, a scene with two other people and an aria.  Writing it down now, it doesn't seem so bad, but it feels like I have to have all this stuff ready for the teacher so soon...  It's kind of scary.  I miss chilling out with my family and writing fanfics, isolated in my tidy house. I was fantasizing about those things all day.  I already want to go home and I have three days left before I go home for the weekend.  I'm such a baby when it comes to homesickness...

No offense to my university apartment, but it's really not half as nice as home.  And I'm constantly hand-washing my dishes...  This morning, we hardly had any water and when I went to wash my dishes, hardly any water came out - not enough to wash anything, of course.  It's back now, but student housing frustrates me.  The landlord knows we don't know our rights, so he'll do a shoddy job with the hydro, the heating, the lighting, the fire alarm...  Why can't landlords just do a good job, whether you're a student or not?  Anyway, I have a feeling that I'm just depressed because it's my time of the month.  But, all in all, not the greatest first day back after winter break.  I really hope tomorrow is better.  Time to go get some delicious corn chips!

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