Monday, January 3, 2011


These are some old riddles I made.  The answers are at the bottom of the post.  Don't peak!

1. This world has many disguises and accessories.  It may have bumps one day, dots another, often many trenches, and very rarely some mountains and hills.  It all depends where you travel.  It can take on a variety of colours; Red, Blue, Yellow, White, Purple and Black.  A chameleon of conditions, ever vulnerable.  What is it?

2. It bars the way but pulls lies out of our mouths.  It puts the forks in the roads and makes mud surround our feet while with it we swoon for money.  It stings you while you work, blocks the way to your big leap, separates you from other people...  This deadly sin causes most worldly problems.  What is it?

3. Made up of firsts and seconds, this toolbox has many materials; silver, wood, brass, strings, steel and even plastic.  It comes with instructions on paper, but they are strange alien symbols.  Luckily you are supplied with a magic wand.  Combine that and your logic and ears and you will have a work of art, prone to pretentiosity.  What is it?

4. Swallows your pride, never on your side, encourages lying, yawning, ambition, stealing and tea.  You share with them one of your greatest secrets so that they can harness it.  Your best friend and your worst enemy.  What is it?

5. Your body's boss, your brain's power-hungry advisor.  What is it?

6. Never warm until it's gone, always beautiful, can be deadly, made of fragile crystals, born of the never-ending blue.  What is it?

7. Acts as if you are a stranger, insults you, twists your arm and knows nearly everything about you.  He would bite the bullet for you in any danger.  What is it?

8. It's descendants stand on top of it's trunk.  Below, it soaks it's toes in hell.  Without it, these words wouldn't be written in my notebook.  What is it?

9. The noise and culture of a subway station, squeezed into a giant Crayola box with wheels.  What is it?

10. It is as intricate and detailed as mathematics.  Every spasm-causing agent has several formulas.  Each culture has it's own stationary set.  It belongs to everyone and can never be taken away!  It was once free until the men in white wigs put it in a cage made of paper and threw in a few nasty creatures called critics.  It is still capable of unleashing emotions but most of it's catches are lumpy, salty and runny.  What is it?

11. A miniature planet earth built from convulsions and think-on-your-feet arithmetic.  This robotic fortune teller is often associated with Romans.  What is it?



1. Skin

2. Pride

3. A Band or Orchestra

4. A singing teacher

5. Pain

6. Snow

7. A brother

8. A tree

9. A school bus

10. Music or music today

11. A clock

Hope you liked my riddles.  Use them as quiz questions when people want stuff from you.


My brother: Can you buy me some ice cream?
Me: Okay but you have to answer this riddle first.
My brother: Okay I'll do it.
Me: (insert one of my riddles) What is it?  You get three guesses.
My brother: Um, a house?
Me: Nope.
My brother: Um, a book?
Me: Nope.
My brother: Um, the ocean?
Me: *shakes head*  Sorry, no ice cream for you.

And if you're really mean...

My brother: What was it then?
Me: Not telling.  You'll have to keep guessing the next time you want something.
My brother: I hate you.
Me: I hate you too.

This happens to be a really great money and resource-saving strategy!!

Okay, bye for now!  Happy New Year's!

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