Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Quickie Post

Hi peoples,

I'm a bit busy with school now, so I will make this short, but I just realized I left the blog on a sad note - that my first day back was bad, but the rest of the week actually went quite well.  Thursday and Friday I was in an extremely good mood.  And the weeks after that have been nice, too.  I've kind of realized that everything I am afraid of is completely harmless.  I'm afraid of learning to act, afraid of getting vocal techniques wrong, afraid of embarrassing myself in front of people, afraid of being criticized, afraid of not being at the same level as other people in my year, afraid that my repertoire isn't right for me, afraid of things that are out of my comfort zone, but all of that is just learning, and lately, the scariest things have been the most enjoyable things.  So I've decided to not give a fuck and just enjoy myself.  Does any of this really truly matter in the grand scheme of things?  Definitely not.  So I'm just going to try to enjoy myself, no matter what I'm doing, and try my best.

Speaking of enjoying myself, I am still right into  I check it every day.  Sometimes more than every day.  Although, I haven't posted on there too recently.  People have been eating up my stories!  Ok, not a lot, but I've actually been getting reviews and people subscribing to my stories.  It's so awesome!  And on the stats page it tells you how many people looked at your stories each day, and you can see all the different countries of the people reading your stories.  My readers are mostly American and British, but I've got readers from Chile, Belgium, Mexico, Germany, France, etc...  I love that site!

Now off to do my homework for Acting for Singers... practicing my monologue, and critically watching "Pride and Prejudice."  Yes, I am serious. I shall enjoy this assignment immensely.

Until I post again,


P.S. I have no idea why this post has taken the form of a letter.

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