Saturday, March 8, 2014

Stoner Food Reviews, Day 29

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Hello peeps.  I am so hungry and so high.  The deadly combo.  Today, the dishes are... cereal and chocolate!

 Alpha Bits: Sweet, crunchy and the milk complements it and moistens it so well.  It's kind of like eating bones, but they are fluffier, sweeter, more Disneyfied.  This is poetry in a bowl.  So simple but so great.  I think I might have seconds.  My head is exploding with happiness, stretching.  The milk at the bottom is sweet and delicious, I notice as I suck it back.  That was nice.

Cadbury Dairy Milk (Caramel Popcorn flavour): Mmmm....  That's good.  The popcorn flavour really pops and the chocolate is so smooth and sweet.  I love the contrast in texture between the chocolate and popcorn.  The popcorn also adds a saltiness and a butteriness.

That was a wonderful snack.  It definitely satisfied my sweet tooth.  I think I will have a second bowl of those Alpha Bits.  Goodnight stoners (and people marked under the category "other")!

Next time: We stop doing the "next time"s.  They are lame and also kind of plagiarism.

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