Thursday, February 20, 2014

Stoner Food Reviews, Day 17

Listening to: Red Hot Chili Peppers, Beck, Enya, Muse, Lorde

Hello.  Finally getting to bed at a reasonable hour; 10 am.  To day folks: 10 pm.  Going to have a lovely meal now.

Chow Mein Yaki Soba ramen: Messy and addictive sober.... what will happen high???  Mmmm... gingery.  Still a bit warm.  I have no book or show or movie today.  Just eating, it's that good.  Ok, music, but I always have music.  So lovely.  This ramen is amazing.  It's the kind of ramen that you want to eat three of in one sitting.  Never done that, but it is on my life's to do list, I think...  I'm eating this too fast because it's too delicious.  I think these noodles have nicotine in them.  Mmmm... So good. The noodles are cold now, but I don't care.  They taste just as good.  Clinging to these last few bites...  That was delish.

Palmer Valentines Peanut Butter Chocolate Hearts: Earlier, I reviewed their caramel counterparts, so, obviously the Peanut Butter ones must be reviewed as well!  Mmmmm.... this is like true love's first kiss in my mouth.  Tastes a lot like a Reeses; chocolate, salt, peanut butter.  I am definitely salivating. Amazing.  They're so rich and delicious.  Mmmmmmm.......

That's all for today, folks!  Stay tuned for the next episode, okey dokey?

Next time!  We eat snow, so it will go away and never come back, fading into obscurity, wallowing in pitiful misery as springs reigns!  Then I can finally go biking again!  Mwahahahaha!  I really miss it.  So much.  I just can't do this much longer, I need spring so bad.  Please come, spring!  Spring?  Please?  Please!?!?!??!?!?!?

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