Friday, February 28, 2014

Stoner Food Reviews, Day 25

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Hello there, folks.  I've decided that on the 31st day (marking a month) of my stoner food review month, I'll do a little reflection on how I felt about this challenge and what I learned and discovered.  Today, I have a massive thing to eat.  See for yourselves...  All I can say is that this tastes amazing.  The naan tastes nice and baked and the curry is spicy, earthy, meaty.

Gits Ready Meals Chana Masala (Indian curry) with naan bread: Very yummy.  Slight aftertaste of celery.  It's like dipping bread in a delicious bean soup.  Mmm... the chickpeas really boost the flavour.  I cooked the naan a lot longer than I usually do, and it's almost as crunchy as a cracker now.  Still great-tasting.  Can't stop eating to write something!  All I can say is that this tastes amazing.  The naan tastes nice and baked while the curry tastes earthy, spicy, meaty, maybe a bit nutty as well.  It definitely isn't too spicy for me.  That was awesome.  Weirdly enough I'm still hungry.  Guess I'll have something else.

Crispy Minis (Caramel Kettle Corn flavour): Yay dessert!  These are basically little rice cakes with really tasty flavours.  Very sweet and caramelly!  Interesting texture, kind of bumpy and crisp.  These are so good.  They do also have that sweet and salty kettle corn taste, but it's subtle.  Nom nom nom.  I could eat another bowl if I wanted to but I think that's enough for today.

Next time!  Phish and Meat Loaf.

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