Thursday, February 27, 2014

Stoner Food Reviews, Day 22

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Okay, let's take some pictures, shall we?

Today I'm watching Mad Men because I can't think of anything else to watch on Netflix.  This is my first time watching it so I don't know if I'll like it.  If I don't, I'll watch Breaking Bad.  

Time to eat... *rubs hands expectantly*  My snack is quite junky and sugary today.

Crispy Crunch: Mmmmmm... chocolately and sweet, with a centre that tastes like Peanut Brittle.  Oh wow, this is good.  It's an explosion of confectionary flavour.  Oh dear, if you have peanut allergies you can't eat this probably.  What a sad thought.  Must have more candy!  I am salivating.  I could eat so many of these...  Mmmmm...  Unfortunately I only have one bar.  But, the next food might be a consolation as it is also sweet and delicious...

Skittles (Darkside): Mmmmm.... Lime.  Reminds me of a Slushie.  I haven't had Skittles in a while.  They're so flavourful, even if the flavour is artificial.  Still tastes good.  :)  Cherry next and orange.  I must have eaten oranges and reds together.  Another green.  Yum.  Grape, but tastes too sugary to be accurate.  Red and green.  Tastes kind of pomegranate-limey.  Blue.  Can't taste what it is.  The legend says forbidden fruit.  Mysterious.  I think I like green the best.  Also, these taste a bit like a solid version of Kool-Aid.  Oh, there are two shades of red; fruit punch and pomegranate.  Purple and blue is a nice combo.  Grapey and fruity and oh so sweet.  Purple and green are also good together.  In short, very yummy candy.  These are really good for a sugar fix.  I hope I can sleep okay today.

Mike's Hard Lemonade: Mmmm.... Still cool.  Tastes so clean, lemony, fizzy.  Along with yesterday's cider, this drink also reminds me of champagne.  The texture of the bottle feels like a lemon.  I think that's what they had in mind.  This has amazing flavour for something with alcohol.  I tried spiking a Brisk Lemonade with vodka (the same liquor used in what I'm drinking right now).  It's making me drift off a bit.  Yeah, I can only taste the vodka ever so slightly.  And yet I'm clearly getting tipsy.  That was good.

Well, goodnight.  Hope everyone has a great day and hopefully some time to chill out, relax and wind down.  Hopefully it will also be a mind-altering time.  Again, this is your host, Hedonistic Hermit, and I will see you tomorrow!

Next time!  We eat nothing.

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