Thursday, February 6, 2014

Stoner Food Reviews, Day 5

It's night and time to be a pig.  Nom nom nom...

Jersey Milk Chocolate: My mouth is watering as I eat this.  Ohhh, yes.  Chocolatey but not too rich or sweet.  I want more but I only gave myself two pieces (the last of the bar).  Oh well, more sweets coming...

Hot Lips: Candy, lovely candy.  It sticks to my teeth a bit.  Cinnamon is drifting up my tongue.  I love these candies.  They're one of the few gummies that use carnauba wax instead of gelatin and they taste wonderful.  It's my favourite thing about the Valentine's season.  Well, there aren't too many things I adore about the Valentine's season...  They taste like a greeting card or a gift shop, in a way.  It's hard to stop eating these.

Twistos Snack Bites, Parmesan and Garlic: Oh wow, these are awesome.  Weird fishy aftertaste.  Garlicky.  I want to suck the flavour out of each one.  I feel like I'm on the verge of a flavour breakthrough.  My mind is cheering me on for another bowl.  Ok.

Next time!  We eat a load of dishes.

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