Monday, February 24, 2014

Stoner Food Reviews, Day 21

Listening to: Little Miss Higgins; great up-and-coming Canadian blues fusion artist.  Here are some clips if you want to check her out.  She was recently nominated for a Juno:

Haha my little brother is improvising a song that I requested: "I want it to be about a girl getting tortured!"  It's actually quite good and atonal.  I suppose atonalism really is torture, isn't it?  Oh my God he just worked Hot Cross Buns into it.  God help me.

Homemade Nachos (Tostitos with Cheddar and Mozarella cheese, topped with dollops of salsa cooked into the chips): Smokey, corny, savoury.  The salsa is spicy, flavourful, juicy.  I can taste a slight amount of Jalapeño in this, or maybe guacamole.  Cheesy as well.  They're kind of cold, but still really good.  I'm just gobbling these up, like a turkey.  Very delicious.  Still a bit hungry.  I think I'll pop some popcorn (but I'm not reviewing it because I've already done that).

Somersby Apple Flavoured Cider (Imported from Denmark): Bought myself an alcohol treat today, this and Mike's Hard Lemonade.  :)  I could smell the apple flavour even as I opened the can, which emitted a light spray.  Sweet and fruity-tasting.  It tastes a little bit like champagne and it's just as fizzy.  This is lovely and divine; I should buy it all the time.  Very refreshing and pure.  Alcoholic cider is awesome.

Not sure if I'm still high now, but goodnight, all!  Until tomorrow...

Next time we eat Freedom Fries.  

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