Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Stoner Food Reviews, Day 3

Hello again anyone who is randomly reading this!  It's that time again; the time to get baked and get baking.  Today, I have stayed up late (until 6 pm... so sad...) making Maple Syrup Muffins.  I've made this several times before and they are my little brother's favourite.  There were more muffins on that plate but they disappeared as I set up to snap the picture:

If you want to make them yourself, they are from an old 'eighties cookbook called Muffin Mania.  Unfortunately, it might be hard to get since it's so old.  They have copies on Amazon selling for anywhere in between $60 and $1000.


But if you live in Toronto, you can get it for a more reasonable price at certain addresses:


The above was written sober, because I had to post pictures.  Anyway, I'll be back once I'm in the proper state of mind...

Okay, I'm high, but not as high as usual today.  Sorry.  :(

It's so weird looking at a picture of something you're eating as you eat it, especially if it's the exact muffin you are eating.  Trippy.

Maple Syrup Muffin: Wow, it's really hot.  Burning my tongue (I just microwaved it).  I'll wait a bit.  Check Facebook.  Tasted like a lizard at first, but now it's really yummy and warm.  Eh, maybe lizards taste good when they're cooked right.  Who knows?  The icing is really buttery.  I'm as baked as this muffin.  This is like a less sweet version of those Popcorn Muffins I made a while ago.  Delicious.  Now to chase it with something else.

Little Glass of Milk: Not too much flavour, but it goes nicely with the aftertaste of the muffin.  Maybe I should have been taking sips of the milk as I ate the muffin!  I think I'll do that actually.  Nice combo of hot and cold, but the flavour does not change to me.  Just tasting each flavour separately.

Beer (President's Choice Light, I sure love my PC products, don't I?  I wonder if Progressive Conservatives are more likely to buy PC products...):  Too much sweetness, have to get rid of the taste.  Tart, sudsy, foamy, savoury, yeasty, beer hits the spot.  Really starting to feel ready for bed.  I feel like a heaviness is being draped over me.  Hard to describe the taste of beer.  When I was a kid it was just weird tasting stuff that was watered down a lot.  Now it's a lot more, because it's one of the drinks that I really drink for the taste, but it's hard to say what I like about it.  I guess how much liquid it is and how it fills you so much and tastes so meaty.

Time for Arrested Development and bed.

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