Saturday, February 22, 2014

Stoner Food Reviews, Day 19

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Hello fellow ants in this big mean universe.  I am your host, Hedonistic von Hermit, here to bring you my feelings towards foods while I am high.  I have quite a morning feast here; tomato-rice soup, pumpernickel rye bread and Strawberry Shortcake yogurt.  Everything looks lovely.  

Oh, interesting tidbit.  Today was one of my first days going into work hungover (on three hours of sleep) and, wow, it sucks.  The only thing I like about it is that it's almost like a drunkness, where annoying people and long stretches of time don't bother you as much and any pain (feet, stomach, head) is numbed a little bit.  I usually have one drink with my 420 and then go to bed, but last morning I had, at least 4 drinks, mostly vodka and, wow, last night was not at all amusing, so I really don't feel like any alcohol tonight.   

Campbell's Tomato Rice Soup: Sweet, I can definitely taste the rice.  It's still fairly warm, but it would have been nice hotter.  I'm too lazy to re-microwave it.  A bit artificial-tasting.  I hate that taste; I get that for Selection Kraft Dinner, as well.  Paranoid that this is going to spill on me.  Large green leaves in here; I wonder whether they are basil, cilantro, spinach?  I could probably read the ingredients list on the can which is sitting in my recycle bin, but, again, LAZY.  And, ew, I'm not going to shuffle through the recycles right before bed.  It's staying warm, thankfully.  Annnnddd... it's cold.  Pretty darned good soup, all in all.  

Pumpernickel Rye:

This is lovely bread, I must say.  Mmmm...  It's almost like gingerbread.  A bit bitter.  Also a bit stale, but I never end up shopping in the late morning or afternoon when the bread is fresh.  It's sad.  Very doughy and chewy.  Lovely flavour.  I don't understand what people hate about Pumpernickel.  It's a beautiful bread.  It feels like a nice comforter on the roof of my mouth.  Nom nom nom.  This tastes a bit like sourdough.  Oooh!  I should MAKE that and review it soon!  Mmmmm... Sourdough.  Focus, back to the pumpernickel.  Nom nom nom.  I love bread.

Now for dessert...

Strawberry Shortcake Yogurt (by Astro, I believe): It looks so nice it its classy ramekin.  Usually I just put it in a glass bowl, but I'm trying to make my photos look kind of pretty these days.  Mmmmm....  Well, this is melting in my mouth.  Okay, not literally, but, you know what I mean.  This is almost like candy.  Cotton candy or something.  It's delicious.  This would be so good with some little chocolates, like Smarties, chocolate chips, Rolos, etc.  Nom nom.  I'd better try that next time as well.  

Next time! We eat Meat Loaf!  The food, not the artist!  Wouldn't want to be cliched or predictable.  

Next next time!  Sourdough bread (from scratch) and this yogurt with some kind of chocolate in it.

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