Thursday, February 27, 2014

Stoner Food Reviews, Day 24

Listening to: Silversun Pickups

Hello again.  I only had two hours sleep and I've been up for 13 hours, so I barely made it to my post here today, in my zombie-like state.  I'm here now, though, with an enchanting assortment of treats to enjoy.  Okay, just two things, but oh well.  What's weird today is that I've been feeling crappy all day due to fatigue and a hangover, but right now I feel awesome.  Just relaxed, but not weighed down with tiredness.  Maybe getting stoned actually helps you stay up later because you can focus better and feel more mellow, yet energized.

Barbecue Chips: Smokey.  Sweet, yet savoury.  Also, kind of salty and spicy.  Sucking on them is fun, because you can leach out the flavour of the chip.  Lays are also like that.  Well, pretty much any greasy type of chip.  These are really tasty and addictive.

Irresistibles Pecan Clusters: Just looking at them I'm excited.  Pecans perfectly encased in well-crafted chocolate on a pure white china plate.  They kind of look like big brown buttons.  Mmm... I taste caramel.  They're very chewy, verging on the texture of taffy.  Nutty and chocolatey; this tastes fantastic.  They taste a little bit like toffee as well.  Those were good.  

Next time we eat the meaning of life so no one will ever find out.

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